Dance Diaries Ultimo

Sylvia Liu

Photo credit: Sylvia Liu

ReadyMade Works presents


Collaborating with Ultimo 'legend lady' Sylvia Liu and with Chinese Australians over 65 living in Ultimo, film maker Martin Fox, composer Michael Toisuta and choreographer Linda Luke (Associate Director RMW) will make a dance film celebrating two important things in life: home and dancing. Over the month of November ReadyMade will host dance classes and workshops to share ideas and develop 'movement poems' as content for the film.

DANCE DIARIES ULTIMO will premiere as part of Seniors Week, April 2017.

Dance Diaries Ultimo is part of a larger vision for creating a number of DANCE DIARIES projects in neighbourhoods in the City of Sydney. The ultimate aim is to make a collection of short films showcasing senior residents responding to notions of ageing, dancing and home, and to present these films as part of a public art event or festival in Sydney.

Proudly supported by City of Sydney