Gavin Clarke Profile DANCENDENTS

To celebrate DANCENDENTS and the Masterclass Series at ReadyMade Works, each week we are profiling one of the incredible artists that we have on board to share their skills, passion and moving ideas! This week we chatted to Gavin Clarke, independent dancer, choreographer, musician and avid contact improvisor. We asked him five questions about art, life and inspiration; RMW: Can you tell us bit about what you are working on at the moment/what is of interest to you creatively? Gavin Clarke: I have been workshopping the body, my own body in particular; how it came to be the shape it is, how It differs from how I imagine it to be and how my consciousness defines my physical form. I’ve been applying this to my music and my dancing to great effect. RMW: Can you tell us what draws you to the body as a vehicle to tell stories? GC: My Using the body to tell stories is very effective because we understand physicality in a way that requires no words. We read body language instantly and intuit meaning from posture and spacial dynamics. So much is communicated when a person enters a space, how they enter, there physical attitude, where they move, their speed, if they stop. When another person joins, the viewer immediately begins to imagine relationships, tries to understand how these two beings relate to one another; drawing assumptions from the myriad of physical clues they are receiving whose daily guidance we can take for granted. And then you can add music… RMW: Can you tell us one of your most favourite dancing experiences GC: I love dancing with the opera company. In one work, after a rather demanding dance section I would get picked up by all the other dancers in a state of ‘ecstatic exhaustion’ to the stunningly beautiful sound of the Opera Australia Ladies Chorus singing a heavenly chorale. It was 30 secs of bliss. RMW: What surprises you about the creative act of being in a shared learning space GC: I love watching other people coping with the same challenges I have. I can learn from their learning and also use them as a reflection to remind me of my own bad habits. RMW: If you could work with any other artist in the world who would it be and why? NB: Arvo Part. His music is so considered and affective. An inspirational artist. Register for the one day workshop with Gavin Clarke and Alejandro Rolandi on the 29th August 10am – 4pm still places left. REGISTER NOW DANCENDENTS is co-produced by PACT centre for emerging artists and ReadyMade Works Inc.