Happy Hour

Happy Hour #9 | 12–13 Oct

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is ReadyMade Works' signature short works program showcasing the extraordinary practices of Sydney's independent dance artists. Initiated by Linda Luke and Samantha Chester in 2016, Happy Hour is the platform for encountering the diverse and uncompromising work being made by local dance artists.


Happy Hour #9
Curated by ReadyMade Works Caretakers, Adelina Larsson and Rhiannon Newton
Featuring Kristina Chan | Lizzie Thomson | Zachary Lopez

Images: Matthew Syres

Happy Hour #8
Curated by ReadyMade Works Caretakers, Patricia Wood, Rhiannon Newton and Adelina Larsson

Featuring Ryuichi Fujimura, Murasaki Penguin (Anna Kuroda and David Kirkpatrick) and Katina Olsen

Images: Matthew Syres


Happy Hour #7
Curated by Julie-Anne Long
Featuring Martin del Amo and Anton, Kathy Cogill and Nikki Heyward and Tony Osbourne


Happy Hour #6 Presented in partnership with Critical Path
Curated by Linda Luke
Featuring Lucky Lartey, Vicki Van Hout, Matt Cornell and Heidrun Lohr

Happy Hour #5
Curated by Martin del Amo
Featuring Raghav Handa, Sara Black and Rosie Dennis

Happy Hour #4
Curated by Narelle Benjamin
Featuring Linda Luke and Martin Fox, Timothy Ohl, Benjamin Hancock and Julie-Anne Long


Happy Hour #3
Curated by Kathryn Puie
Featuring Kathryn Puie, Ivey Wawn and Chloe Fournier

Happy Hour #2
Curated by Linda Luke
Featuring Angela French, Paea Leach, Justin Shoulder and Ryuichi Fujimura

Happy Hour #1
Curated by Diane Busuttil
Featuring Omer and Sharon Backley-Astrachan and Murasaki Penguin (Anna Kuroda and David Kirkpatrick)

Happy Hour has been made possible by the NSW Government through the support of Create NSW (2017)

Ongoing programs at ReadyMade Works are made possible by the generous support of City of Sydney