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Now in its fifth year, IDC is run as a co-operative, by artists for artists and is supported by ReadyMade Works. Taught by industry professionals it has been formed from a desire and passion to have a regular open space to take class, train, share practice and to connect with an independent dance network in a supportive environment.

Please drop in to a class on a Tuesday morning!

If you would like to teach or lead a session, please contact:

The Caretakers
Email: caretakers@readymadeworks.com.au

Sydney IDC (Independent Dance Classes) offers weekly classes located conveniently at the ReadyMade Studio in Ultimo.

Classes run every Tuesday so there are lots of opportunities to teach as well! The teaching roster will rotate every 2–4 weeks. If you are interested please drop us an email with potential dates; a short class description (max 50 words); and a short bio (max 100 words).

Come and connect at IDC with independent dance makers and teachers.

IDC 2018 is supported by Creative City Sydney, City of Sydney.

IDC Timetable

Time: 10am–11:30am
When: Tuesday mornings
Cost: $10 per class

All proceeds go straight to the IDC SUSTAINABILITY KITTY!
*Click on the teacher to read more about them and their class.


IDC returns in 2019 with classes commencing Tuesday 5th February 2019.

28 May 2019: Rhiannon Newton
4 Jun 2019: Ivey Wawn
11 Jun 2019: Ivey Wawn
18 Jun 2019: Ivey Wawn



Rhiannon Newton

Rhiannon Newton

Rhiannon is an Australian dancer and choreographer. Ongoing themes in her work include repetition and the study patterns that give rise to change and stasis within the body and our world. Rhiannon has been commissioned by Dancehouse Melbourne for Housemate 2018 (We Make Each Other Up) and Dance Massive 2017 (Bodied Assemblies). Her works have been presented nationally and internationally in contexts such as Brisbane Festival, The Powerhouse: Festival 2018, Firstdraft Exhibitions Program, Eyes Wide Festival, Metro Arts, Nagib On Stage (SL), Tanzhaus Zurich (CH), Performing Arts Forum (FR) and Movement Research at the Judson Church (USA). She has developed her practice in residencies throughout Australia, Europe and the USA and been a part of international exchange programs involving Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Singapore.

Rhiannon works as a collaborator/performer with artists such as Mette Edvardsen, Elysa Wendi, Martin Del Amo, Amrita Hepi, Benjamin Forster, Rosalind Crisp, Paea Leach and Brooke Stamp for Biennale of Sydney, Kunsten Festival (BE), Sydney Festival, Next Wave, the Keir Choreographic Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre and Tanzfabrik Berlin. Rhiannon has recently been appointed a caretaker of ReadyMade Works Sydney, is the current Create NSW Emerging Performing Artist Fellow and was a Dancehouse 2018 Housemate artist in residence.

Class with Rhiannon
Rhiannon’s class practices different connections in the body with a focus on weight, release, efficiently and ease. The class begins with floor work that practices simple pathways for integrating the whole body. It progresses to standing exercises and phrases which focus on efficient use of weight, momentum and the circularity of the body. With good beats, lots of moving through the space and influences of somatic and release techniques, Rhiannon creates a warm and generous class environment that prioritises the pleasure of moving.

Lee Serle

Lee Serle

Lee Serle is a choreographer and performer creating dances for the stage, site-specific, interactive and participatory performance, Installations, and intimate solo dances. His work has been showcased to an International audience in USA, France, Lebanon, Colombia and Australia, and has been commissioned to create new works for the Lyon Opera Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Lucy Guerin Inc., Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Dancenorth, and the Victorian College of the Arts.

As a sought after performer Lee has collaborated with Trisha Brown Dance Company, Tere O’Connor Dance, Lucy Guerin Inc., Chunky Move (Gideon Obarzanek), Shelley Lasica, Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake, Byron Perry, and Colombian visual artist Mateo López.

Lee is a Rolex Arts Fellow (2010) and an Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Australia Fellow (2012).

Class with Lee
Lee's class begins with mapping the body and mobilising the joints to allow for efficient movement pathways with the application of weight and momentum. Following this we will focus on oppositional coordination exercises finding differing points of initiation and dynamic redirection in preparation for complex movement phrases.

Zac Lopez

Zacary Lopez

Zachary Lopez is an Australian based contemporary dance artist. Recently he’s been collaborating with Punchdrunk’s co-artistic director Maxine Doyle on ‘Sunset’; created for the Perth International Arts Festival. He has received a 2019 Young Creative Leaders Fellowship through Create NSW where he will continue his ongoing research work ‘Dis-integrate’, first funded by the Department of a Culture and the Arts (WA). As a performer he has worked with Sydney Dance Company as an associate artist and choreographer, a founding company dancer with Co3 and working independently with Amrita Hepi, The Farm with Gavin Webber and Opera Australia. Zachary began his dance training at the Queensland University of Technology graduating in 2013.

Class with Zac
His class will work towards the spherical body, incorporating contemporary dance exercises and improvisation to understand the intelligent body and its capabilities.

Photo: Saskia Wilson

Brooke Stamp

Brooke Stamp

Brooke’s practice spans a rich 15 years of experimentation and collaborative investigation in performance, improvisation and visual & sonic arts. Her development as a solo artist has been paralleled by a notable lineage with iconic experimental dance company Phillip Adams Balletlab. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and mentor to young and emerging artists throughout Australia. Brooke’s work has been acknowledged via the Inaugural Balletlab Choreographic Commission, ‘And All Things Return to Nature’, the Keir Choreographic Award, ‘Tearaway, Part One: The crater of Motor Power’ as well as Melbourne’s Next Wave Festival, Lucy Guerin Inc, Carriage Works Nightime Praogram, the Victorian College of the Arts, the MTC, Dancehouse, FUR Salon, the Meat Market, and the LO’real Melbourne Fashion Festival. In 2005 Brooke was awarded the Professional Skills and Development award from the Australia Council for the Arts to spend time in New York City, where she learned and practiced with artists including Miguel Gutierrez, Sarah Rudner, Steven Petronio and Yvonne Miers. Her work as a performer has earned her nominations for Green Room and Helpmann Awards in 2008, 2011 & 2012.

Class with Brooke
Brooke’s practice has evolved through a rich 15 year lineage with iconic experimental dance company Phillip Adams Balletlab, synergistically paralleled with her improvisational practices and multi layered approaches to bodily & spatial energy, and concepts of transmission. Her classes for Sydney IDC will bring together avenues of improvisational and technical practice that focus on the dancers core kinetic and energetic impulse to move. Through warming the body into action in the first half of class, dancers will then have an opportunity to fine-tune their understanding of gravity in the body, focussing on internal and external experiences of space & spatial arrangement, line and dynamism within complex & detailed choreographic phrasing. Guiding dancers through modes of abandon versus organization, the class will harness efficient articulations of the whole body designed in space.

Adelina Larsson

Adelina Larsson

Adelina Larsson is a Swedish/Australian choreographer, curator, producer, performer and educator. She trained at DOCH, Stockholm and CODARTS, Rotterdam. Since moving to Australia in 2007 she has worked with artists like David Pledger (NYID), Yumi Umiumare, Andrew Morrish, Amelia McQueen, Rhiannon Newton, Trevor Jamieson and Bek Conroy and performed/choreographed for performing arts companies presenting at Melbourne Arts Festival, Sydney Opera House, The State Theatre Centre WA, PICA, Nishi Gallery and Fremantle Arts Centre. In 2014-2016 she lectured choreography and contemporary dance techniques at Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts. In 2015 she became Associate Artist of Big hART Arts and Social Change Company working nationally on their projects. She is the founder and director of Strange Attractor - a platform for choreographic research and since 2017 the Associate Artist at Critical Path where she curated Interchange Festival Political Body and guest edited Critical Dialogue No Body

She recently produced the choreographic Lab Hacking the Anthropocene presenting at the Powerhouse Museum MAAS as part of Sydney Festival 2019.

Class with Adelina
Adelina's class moves between improvisation and floor-work technique. You will be guided and invited to attend the subtle body movements and to kick up a sweat to some high energy grooving! Full body engagement to sweet vibes!

Photo: Matt Cornell



Anton has 22 years of professional experience in dance. His performance engagements include Dance North, Australian Dance Theatre, Tasdance, Legs on the Wall, Sydney Theatre Company, Australian Opera and independents Shaun Parker, Meryl Tankard, Tanja Liedtke and Martin del Amo. Some of Anton's commissions and choreographies include Supermodern — Dance of Distraction (Form Dance Projects, 2012), IOU (Spring Dance 2012, Sydney Opera House), Durak (Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2012), Beautiful Noise (Brisbane Arts Festival, 2011), Compact Homo Sapien (TanzFestival Ingolstadt, Germany, 2010), Capacity (WAPPA, 2010), The Blur (Tasdance, 2009) and Freedom to Launch (Sydney Opera House Education Unit, 2007).

Class with Anton
Anton's release technique class will use know contemporary dance structures to give time and space for the body to meditate, roll, stretch, move, articulate, drop, weave, wave, release and fly. Look forward to seeing you!

Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey

Based in Sydney, Jay Bailey is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher. A graduate of QUT she danced with Claire Marshall, Kay Armstrong \ Form Dance Project including Legs On The Wall’s, Puncture in 2010 and other independent works. During 2016 she toured the UK with LCP Aerial Dance Theatreand Rob Hayden’s London premiere of Alabama Chrome. Currently Jay is the Artistic Director of Hanging Around Co (HAC) supported by ACAC’s artist residency program since 2014. Her works included White Light, Hooked, To The Top, and It Takes Two. For the last 5 years her practice centred around understanding partnering techniques from working with bodies, the floor, sets and objects to the aerial apparatus. Her research has taken her overseas to learn from Ultima Ves, Gravity and Levity, Fidget Feet, Flying Low, and Contact Improvisation teachers across Europe. On her return she is keen to share her knowledge and integrate it into new works for HAC.

Class with Jay
Jay teaches Ferus animi // terra nova practice...by Tomislav English (formerly of Punchdrunk and Ultima Ves); it uses cognitive and neuroscientific understanding of how the brain learns to prepare the body in building new movement pathways through adaptive training. Class also included exercises from flying low, ultima ves, and centrifuged forces teaching how to generate and sustain momentum while reducing the need for muscular force.

Ivey Wawn

Ivey Wawn

Ivey makes dance-based work for various contexts, drawing poetics from economic and microbial systems to develop choreography for the human scale. She works extensively as a performer and collaborator, primarily between Sydney and Melbourne, sells her labour as a waiter in between projects, and is a current student of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

Her work, Greyness and Infinity (2017), was developed and presented in Underbelly Arts Festival and presented at RMIT Design Hub in 2018 with the support of Liquid Architecture. Adventure Dances (2016) was made with support from DirtyFeet, and her colour dances (Spectral) have been shown at various galleries and art events in Sydney between 2016 and 2018. She also has an ongoing collaborative project with visual artist, Mark Mailler called Consejos de Farez, that was supported by Critical Path and has been presented at First Draft Gallery (Sydney).

Class with Ivey
Ivey will lead a class that begins with tuning, then moves into functional action before going into a more open and investigative mode of being with the body. Key aims will be to feel good and to spend time loving dancing.

Past Teachers include:

Anton, Brianna Kell, Brooke Stamp, Chimene Steele-Prior, Dean Walsh, Emily Amisano, Ivey Wawn, Lee Serle, Martin del Amo, Patricia Wood, Rhiannon Newton, Roz Wythes, Sara Black, Sue Healey.

Alexandra Knox, Anton, Brianna Kell, Brooke Stamp, Carlee Mellow, Carl Sciberras, Chimene Steele-Prior, Dean Walsh, Emily Amisano, Ivey Wawn, Martin del Amo, Matt Cornell, Miranda Wheen, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Paul Hickman, Rhiannon Newton and Sue Healey.

Bec Jones, Brooke Stamp, Carlee Mellow, Cloudia Elder, Daniela Zambrano Parra, Kristina Chan, Martin del Amo, Matt Cornell, Miranda Wheen, Nalina Wait, Narelle Benjamin, Paea Leach, Rhiannon Newton, Smadar Goshen, Thomas E. Kelly and Victoria Hunt. 

Amy Mauvan, Anton, Anya McKee, Brooke Stamp, Dean Walsh, Ella-Rose Trew, Fiona Malone, Ivey Wawn, Joel Edward Thomas, Josh Thomson, Laure Bachelot, Linda Luke, Marnie Palomares, Matt Cornell, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Patricia Wood, Rhiannon Newton and Sara Black.