Sustaining Practice Residency

Sustaining Practice Residency | Image: Kristina Chan, Happy Hour #9 | Photo by Matthew Syres

Mid-career / Established Artist Residency

The Sustaining Practice Residency supports one artist to undertake in-depth exploration and development of their creative practice, or a creative project over a three-week duration (120 hours) with a $4,300 residency budget.

The aim of the Sustaining Practice Residency is to support NSW-based dance artists to deepen their creative practice and develop their work in a funded capacity. Artists can apply to develop a creative project, or deepen their creative practice. The residency is open to professional mid-career and established NSW-based artists working with dance, choreography and movement-based practices.


  • Artist fee of $3,300
  • 120 hours of studio space at ReadyMade Works
  • Collaborator or production budget of $1,000
  • A facilitated open showing at the conclusion of the residency


  • April–July 2020
  • 120 hours that can be undertaken consecutively, or spread out throughout April–July 2020

Who can apply:

  • Artists with a professional practice who identify as mid-career* or established artists.
  • Individuals or groups of artists
  • Artists who identify as NSW-based*. However interstate artists can be involved as collaborators.
  • Collaborators can be from any discipline and can include outside eyes, or mentors.

*Mid-career indicates an artist who has accumulated experience presenting their creative work in a professional context who has been developing their practice as an artist for at least five to ten years. This experience should be reflected in the biography provided.

*NSW-based indicates an artist who considers NSW to be the primary base for their creative practice and residence. This should be the case for the duration of the residency and reflected in the artist biography provided.

For more information email: caretakers@readymadeworks.com.au

Main image: Kristina Chan, Happy Hour #9 | Photo by Matthew Syres